HELP to Maksim Khaikin !!!

Dear Sirs,
The Mogilev children's hospice ask to help for little boy, Maksim Khaikin, 6 years old.
This is the letter of Maksim’s mother:
"Good afternoon, my name is Irina. I need help for treatment my son, Maksim Khaikin, he is 6 years old.
In 2015 the brain tumor has been diagnosed to Maksim. In May, 2015 there was a surgery to remove tumor in the Republican scientific and practical center of neurology and neurosurgery in Minsk. Then my sonny has got a complete course of radiation therapy in the Center of children oncology, hematology and immunology.
His diagnosis is the ependinoma of the back cranial pole, the condition after a subtotal removing.
Now, a year later, a recurrence has occurred and today my little son is needs to pass treatment again.
Now the tumor complete removing is impossible, we've got a denial for the new surgery. The Cyber Knife System was recommended for Maksim's case. This Cyber Knife System will allow helping my son.
CyberKnife - a modern, non-invasive therapy, which is an alternative to surgical treatment and able to deliver a unique precision of high doses of radiation directly to the tumor, significantly reducing the risk of radiation damage to healthy tissue.
This system is used in the Radiosurgery, radiotherapy and oncology center in St. Petersburg. On June 20, 2016 this procedure has assigned to undergo for Maksim.
Approximate cost of Maksim's treatment is about $ 5,000, and a chance to survive, for my child depends on whether I have time to gather this amount in these days! I ask everybody who read my request, to help with any amount you can donate - any money transfer from you gives me hope that my little son will go for the first grade! I'm scared of losing my child!
with hope,
Irina, Maxim Khaikin’s mother”.

You can transfer money to the follow bank details:
Nostra account: CITIBANK N. A., NEWYORK, SWIFT Code - CITIUS33,
Account Number - 36316365 (dollars) Belarusbank,
bank branch 700 , Belarus, Mogilev, Pervomayskaya St. 71a-2 Swift Code - AKBBBY2X
US dollars - transit account 3819382125381 into charitable account 000020 in office 700/700, termless.
Purpose of payment: addressed to Khaikin Hleb Borisovich for Khaikin Maksim Glebovich's treatment.

Thanks for everybody! Be safe and be healthy!