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"Public charitable organization

Mogilevskiy baby hospice

The Public charitable organization Mogilevskiy baby hospice works in city Mogilyove five years. The Patient of the baby hospice are a terminal children with heavy онкологическими diseases, which will send republican онкологический Centre.

The Employees of the hospice this physician and nurses, who passed the period of trial on palliative medicine overseas, and have a special formation. The Help patient hospice turns out to be gratis.

The Main purpose of the hospice rendering physician-psychological and social help beyond hope-sick детям and their family on house.

Regrettably, can be that after long and heavy treatment, recovery child does not approach. The Parents must solve to remain in hospital with child before the end of his(its) lifes or give the child a possibility to live the remained part to lifes of the building, in circle close and friends. But often parents scares the thought to remain one on one with sufferings its child. Who will help such child? In such events on help comes the hospice.

For time of the work hospice has stretched the helping hand and gave him its love 39 terminal boys, has done their life qualitative each lived day, not травмируя them, not shingleses of the hope of the parents, but 17 boys at age from 3 before 17 years has allowed peacefully уйти from life and помог their family to understand

This categories детей necessary: special medication and vitamins, facility of the care and памперсы, products of the feeding, ritual expenseses, at possibility belongings, toys, sweetnesses, канцтовары etc.

Considering that we can not suspend work to our organizations nor for one day, ask You, at presence of the possibility to render aid patient Mogilyovskogo hospice, which life is died month, week and days, for their calm and qualitative life without pain and solitude.

Due to You person cureless sick детей can озарить smile that happens much seldom. Stretch him helping hand and give him its love."