Public charity organization “Mogilev Children’s Hospice”

Public charity organization “Mogilev Children’s Hospice”.

The public charity organization “Mogilev Children’s Hospice” has been operating in Mogilev for 5 years. Terminally ill children, with serious oncological diseases, are the patients of the children’s hospice. All the patients are sent to the hospice by the Republic’s oncological centre.

The hospice is staffed by a doctor and several nurses who served internships on palliative medicine abroad, to become clinical specialists. Help to the patients of the hospice is free of charge.

The main goal of the centre is to provide incurable children and their families with medical, psychological and social assistance.

Unfortunately, it happens that the recovery of a child may not come even after long and intensive treatment. Parents must then decide to either stay in the hospital with their child till the end of their life or to give the child the opportunity to live the rest of their life at home, within a circle of family and friends. But quite often parents are afraid of the thought of being left alone to witness their child’s suffering face to face. Who will help these children? The hospice succours in such cases.

Since it opened the hospice has offered a helping hand, and given love, to 39 terminally ill children; making every day of their life better, without hurting them, without denuding their parents of hope, and let 17 children from the age of 3 till 17 die peacefully whilst helping their families to understand …Such children need special medication and vitamins, care facilities and diapers, food, funeral expenses to be covered, and, if possible, to be provided with clothes, toys, sweets, office supplies, etc.

Taking into consideration the fact that we cannot stop the work of our organization for even one day, we ask you, if possible, to help provide the patients of the Mogilev hospice - whose life is measured by months, weeks and days – with a quiet and qualitative life free of pain and loneliness.

Thanks to you a smile could light up the faces of incurably sick children. Please give them your helping hand, and love.

Yours faithfully,

L. Sudilovskaya
Chairman of the Council
Public charity organization “Mogilev Children’s Hospice”