HELP to Maksim Khaikin !!!

Dear Sirs,
The Mogilev children's hospice ask to help for little boy, Maksim Khaikin, 6 years old.
This is the letter of Maksim’s mother:
"Good afternoon, my name is Irina. I need help for treatment my son, Maksim Khaikin, he is 6 years old.
In 2015 the brain tumor has been diagnosed to Maksim. In May, 2015 there was a surgery to remove tumor in the Republican scientific and practical center of neurology and neurosurgery in Minsk. Then my sonny has got a complete course of radiation therapy in the Center of children oncology, hematology and immunology.

Applicability of hospice movement

Applicability of hospice movement

There are becoming more and more rights and fewer responsibilities in modern day life; and life without responsibility is always spiritless. Love, care, sincerity in relations, honesty and worthiness are leaving this world. It’s becoming a colder and lonelier place to live. Our society lives according to the principle: live for today - don’t think about anything unpleasant and, of course, don’t even let the idea of death come into your mind. Our instinctive fear of death causes us to not remember it, to not even think about it.

Hospice doctrine

1. Hospice services are free of charge. One should not pay for death, just as they do not for birth.

2. The hospice is a house of life, not death.

3. If the patient cannot be cured this does not mean they cannot be helped.

4. Death, as well as birth, is a natural process. It cannot be avoided, nor should it be speeded up. The hospice is in opposition to euthanasia.

5. The hospice is an integrated system of medical, psychological and social help to its patients.

6. The hospice is a school and provides support for patients’ relatives and friends.

Public charity organization “Mogilev Children’s Hospice”

Public charity organization “Mogilev Children’s Hospice”.

The public charity organization “Mogilev Children’s Hospice” has been operating in Mogilev for 5 years. Terminally ill children, with serious oncological diseases, are the patients of the children’s hospice. All the patients are sent to the hospice by the Republic’s oncological centre.

The hospice is staffed by a doctor and several nurses who served internships on palliative medicine abroad, to become clinical specialists. Help to the patients of the hospice is free of charge.

They have such a short life to live

They have such a short life to live …(Im zhizn otmerila tak malo)

Our contact address

Public charity organization “Mogilev children’s hospice”. Mogilev Children’s Hospice is a charity organization. Patients of the hospice are incurable children with serious oncological diseases who have a limited lifetime. The financial support of the hospice is provided by voluntary donations from organizations and individuals, of both local and foreign sponsors. Each person, wishing to offer support to the hospice, can bring a feasible spiritual and material contribution. We will be grateful of your donation, attention, and of any kind of help you could give.

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"Public charitable organization

Mogilevskiy baby hospice

The Public charitable organization Mogilevskiy baby hospice works in city Mogilyove five years. The Patient of the baby hospice are a terminal children with heavy онкологическими diseases, which will send republican онкологический Centre.

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